Saturday, November 26, 2011

Redneck Southern Pit BBQ

I went home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Here's the thing about home....its a small small small town up near the Nevada/Arizona border. When I say small I mean ssmmmmaaalllll.
Example, when I was in High School it was impossible to ditch class. Every time I did, I saw someone my parents knew. That person would inevitably report back to my parents with innocent inquiry,
"I saw Kate at Jack in the Box today at lunch!"
While growing up there were two or three places that offered palate pleasing meals but none like what opened a few years ago.

Redneck Southern Pit BBQ

(Pause. Take it in. Love it.)

I've started to get healthy within the last few months which have led me to a 90% vegetarian diet. But the moment that I head up over the last hill to get to my parents, my mouth starts to water with thoughts of perfectly smoked pulled pork, cheesy mac and cheese and pasta salad with perfectly balanced mayo and mustard dressing.
My carnivorous side starts to roar and will not shut up until I satisfy it with a meal from Rednecks.
The issue that I have with most restaurants is the lack of consistency. Not here.
At Rednecks the mac and cheese stays perfectly creamy each time. The beef brisket has a rich and robust flavor. The pulled pork is moist and tender with a slight twinge of smoke to flavor the meat. To top it all off is Ma maw's peach cobbler and don't forget the ice cream. You will be bombed with an almost custard texture, juicy peaches and sweet cinnamon. They plop ice cream on the steaming heap of heaven and place a plate on top. This makes the ice cream melt just the perfect amount so your not eating ice cream milk but a soft mound of sweet cream with each bite of caramelized peach cobbler joy. That's pretty much what it is, joy in your mouth.

Get some fried pickles while your at it! Or a giant baked potato with enough toppings to last you two meals! Add baked beans! Buy some loaded freedom fries! It's all amazing.

I love this place so much that I actually hesitate to tell you about it! I want my special meat treat to stay mine. But I also want to share the magical BBQ that exists in my small hometown.

The experience isn't just culinary by the way. The same thought and precision that went into the food was also applied to the decor. Where else can you walk into a restaurant and immediately feel as if you've walked into a family BBQ picnic someplace in the south?

So next time you make your way through the 'blink and you'll miss it' town of Kingman.
And eat BBQ joy.

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