Saturday, November 26, 2011

Michael Voltaggio

Yum!! My last post on good looking chefs was mostly me on a soap box expressing my passion for food. Now I'm back to standing on my soap box just expressing passion.

Chef Michael Voltaggio won season six of the Bravo reality series Top Chef. His new restaurant is so close that I could hop a flight after work one night to the Burbank airport and take a quick car ride to it.

Plus, he named it 'ink' so I automatically love it...along with those arms of his.

What can I say? I'm an arms girl.

Not only do his muscular appendages fit the bill but he has also covered one arm with tattoos. Both something that could wrap around me AND that I can play color by numbers to! I love when things are multifunctional. But my ability to multitask pales in comparison to his.

While he was working on opening his restaurant 'ink' in West Hollywood, he also opened a small sandwich standing room only sandwich counter a few doors down from his restaurant. WHA?!! I barely have time to blog and here this amazing hunky chef opens 2 business ventures!! How amazing is that?? Regardless of how you felt about him when he was doing his massive trash talking on Top Chef you have to hand it to this culinary genius, he can back it up yo!

Oh, did I mention that he also has a hot brother?

Don't worry, we'll cover you too Mr. Bryan Voltaggio

And yes....I am following them both on twitter. I do love posts on delicious food porn. Love love love... sigh. Excuse me, I'm going to float away on thoughts of Michael's butternut squash risotto consisting of chicken wings, egg yolk, toasted wild rice, aromatic broth. Yes, I pulled that description from his website. Yes, there is drool on my keyboard. No, I'm not sure if its from his food or from him!

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