Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mr. Rocky Road

Dear Mr Rocky Road,

I know you don’t read this. I know you won’t probably ever read this but I feel like I should passive aggressively let you know that you make me nuts. Not crazy, just nuts. If I could read what’s inside your ‘box brain’ it would certainly help my ‘spaghetti brain’. I’ve gone back and forth for a while to try and figure out what name I should call you on this blog. And while I know you know about the blog and while I know you know that I have jokingly wondered what to call you, I feel you should know I settled on Mr Rocky Road. So (passive aggressively) here is what I’m thinking.

You make me nuts. I was bumping along just having fun. My little bubble not disturbed in any way shape or form. And for some reason, I let you back in. I let you sneak in and be all charming and Rocky Roadish. You know what I mean…all smooth ice cream, just a few nuts and a little softness in the form of marshmellows.

The really sucky part of this…is that we were friends before. You were the guy that I went to when I had issues with the guy. I miss that. I wish I could call you up and say “Hey, so I know you’re the guy but can you pretend to not be the guy for a minute? I need to ask you a question about yourself.”

Anyway, here it is. The passive agressive version of me telling you that you are nuts.