Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Who is 007 you ask? He was/is my friend for a few years. Recently he made a job change that prompted me to name him 007 ... well ... his job change and his rock hard abs that he somehow got in the last few months. I know because he sent me a picture.
If I had abs like his I would walk around in just a sports bra. Seriously.
And no, I won't post them for your enjoyment. Those are just for me. How did this friendship cross the line into no man's land?
Via a simple text. 007 lives a few hours from me and one day we were texting back and forth about how I should come visit him. I texted (as I tend to do with lots of my friends)
'kisses' and I got back...
"Can I have a real one?"
Thinking he was joking, even though someplace deep inside me was hoping that I could finally finally kiss this very good looking friend whom ,I'll be honest, had a crush on for the first year of our friendship I replied back
What did 007 say back to me?
"I've waited a long time to kiss you."
Uh. Hello?! Swoon!
It quickly snowballed into the whole, "what?! I've liked you for a long time!"
Needless to say, we've been texting back and forth quite a bit. Its kind of strange how this platonic friendship has taken a serious turn for the flirty. He somehow knows exactly when I need a text from him and something along the line of "I'm thinking about you" or "You are so beautiful" will appear on my phone. I've come to really love the sound of the pinging and the little red light flashing. Where is this going? You may ask. I have no idea. And I really don't want to care. What I want to do is to enjoy the little jolt of electricity that I get when I see a text from him, or when I see a call from him. I want to not think about when am I going to go see him or where is this headed. I especially don't want to hear that little voice in my head that wonders if he is lying or if he is being truthful. I don't want that jaded side to slip out and into my dreamy like state. I just want to love the fact that he knows pretty much all there is to know about me, all the bad, all the good, all the semi crazy.... and he still thinks I'm pretty. Since this is a pretty recent development and I've been unable to take a trip to see him , I have yet to kiss him. You all know what the delicious anticipation that comes with the waiting for that first kiss. That wonderful feeling of electricity that hits your lips as you imagine what it would be like to have him lean into you space, his scent coming over you and invading your senses so that all you can think is 'oh...that's what a man smells like'. And as he gets closer, he places a hand on your head to draw you in. There's nothing like that first moment when he finally places his lips on yours.

Tonight, think about it...who would you really like to kiss...right now?

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