Thursday, March 31, 2011

Break My Heart

I almost didn't post this. I almost let it go. And the reason that I was going to do this is because I felt that at a certain point, she doesn't deserve any more press.


What type of person refuses to allow a 9 year old little boy who is dying of leukemia

to cook with them?

Ina Garten ... aka The Barefoot Contessa

aka, my first food chef love.

The Make a Wish people approached her once and she ...excuse me ... HER PEOPLE... informed the family that MS. Garton is on a book tour.

(That last part? Please imagine it dripping with sarcasm)

The Make A Wish people approached her a second time, this time she... I mean her people as she is telling it... told them that she couldn't say yes to every request and that she was just "too busy".

Too busy doing what exactly?

I'm sure that there are so many requests she gets to have sick children cook with her.

The whole point is that I am breaking up with The Barefoot Contessa.

This is sad for me....

But not as sad as that little child whose simple wish was to cook with Ina.

In an effort to minimize this exposure to her. I'm going to post a new recipe shortly after.

Go to hell BFC.... I really never want to watch to hear about you again.

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