Sunday, June 20, 2010

Moonpies and Men

I tried my first moonpie today. I know! My first moonpie EVER!! I was at Bass Pro Shop on a family outing for Fathers Day. We all chipped in and got my dad a gift card and then told him we were all going to go to Bass Pro with him. It really made my dad's day. Now, I'm a girly girl. I prefer mani's and pedi's to fishing and massages to hunting. I'm not huge on Football and I could care less about Golf. Pretty much the exception on sports is because of my brother in law. Baseball is in (Angels are our team)and soccer is something I'm becoming fond of (the US was robbed last week). Anyway, although I'm much too much a girly girl but I love Bass Pro shop! They have such cool stuff! And while there's a lot that I don't really enjoy, I love camping and hiking. Today, as we were all rummaging through the aisles and enjoying the wicked fun camping stuff (and contemplating a purchase for an emergency kit, something my previous boss instilled was important and in California where earthquakes happen as often as riots, it was) my one sister and I ran across a huge display for moonpies. Neither of us had ever tried one and contemplated which one to try. They had always been talked about so so much! How many food network specials have been dedicated to it? Chocolate, wafer and marshmallow sounded lovely and delish and so we each bought one. While walking in Phoenix 103 degree weather back to my car, we busted open one of them to share. I was pretty excited to dig in.

The heat had made the moonpie even more visually appealing. The chocolate was just starting to melt inside the wrapper and my tastbuds started to salivate as I ripped open the plastic. I lifted the chocolate goo to my lips and took a HUGE bite.....
of sawdust and gunk.

This moonpie ,I realized, is not all it's cracked up to be.

That's when I realized that moonpies and men share a lot!! Some men are a lot like a moonpie, they are all flash and talked about so much. He looks so yummy from the outside and you can't wait to wrap your lips around his and have his arms wraped around you. He even smells perfect, a mixture of man and spice, heat and muscle. But once he gets right up into your space you realize that he's all cardboard, that there's not a whole lot going on underneath that yummy tempting exterior.

So give me my Snickers bar men.

They are pretty much not flashy on the exterior, plain chocolate with out any fancy circle shape and look like they could be all one layer. But bite into one and you realize they are surprisingly complex. Peanuts, caramel and nougat really makes you happy. Simple ingredients which make me happy......
A lot like the man that I'm looking for.

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