Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First blush .....

First date.. new guy... first date that I'm blogging about. Whew! It's making me a little nervous actually! Thank goodness he's not into things like facebook, twitter or blogging. I don't know if I could write about it! I kind of feel like I'm about to get naked with someone for the first time, which in essance I kind am! Anyway back to cute cowboy. I mean he's not really a real full time cowboy which to be honest I know nothing about cowboys except what I learned in 'Urban Cowboy'...which I never finished watching. Anyway, it was a date from an oline dating service which was a touch nerve wracking. We had traded texts back and forth for a few days before he called. I didnt pick up, for a few reasons.

1- I had been having dinner with my cousin and sister and had drunk a little too much wine, I really didnt want to take the chance of alientaing him right out of the gate. I thought I would like to wait until date five for that at least.
2- I have had really bad luck with men's voices via the phone. You get a picture of a guy who is really tough looking and then when you pick up the phone, you get Mike Tyson.

...he didn't leave a message. So the next night (sober and somewhat calm but not really...calm,I was totes sober!!) I called him back. Imagine my surprise when a very manley voice answered! I immediently felt my toes curl a little. He definatly had a man's voice. I can't really remember what was said, I was on the way home from was late...I was trying to drive...any number of excuses. But really I was kind of nervous. Usually, I get nervous before they pick up the phone and then I assume the control postion in the conversation and its all easy from there. But the deep baritones in this voice made it hard to focus and I sounded like an idiot most likely. Somehow I was able to make arrangments to meet him for dinner the next night, which was lucky for me because it was a Friday and I had a team builder at work (which usually means that I get off early).

Friday morning, I walk into work and at the appointed time my team met in a conference room to find out that our team builder is a fast food scavenger hunt! Way fun for a day when I don't want to feel bloated and greasy not fun for a first date day. Somehow, I managed to scarf down the following

1- a chili cheese dog
2- animal style fries (good until some literally shoves them in your mouth..)
3- brownie, oreo fudge sundae (COLD)
4- milk

I shouldn't be able to eat all that but I did and we won...and I felt really gross. So I did what any gal would do...I went shopping and got a mani/pedi. I bought a beautiful purple dress that brought out my eyes. I exfoliated, I conditioned, I lotioned, I shaved, I lightly perfumed, I listened to my power song...I felt wonderful....

and I was running a few minutes late...
which I HATE!

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