Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chili Rellenos

Yes, I know.... It's been a while since I posted my own personal cooking. I get all inspired to start and then as I take pictures, my own hunger strikes and instead of photographing the finished product.... I eat it. So, for all of you who are paying attention, here is a WHOLE MEAL of tastbud tantalizing goodness. I can't actually claim all the credit for this delicious meal as it was not only the brainchild of my lovely sister (who just happens to be the female half of the genius behind House Of Jaramillo) but ,admittedly, she did most of the work. I stood back, took pictures and salivated. Ok ok ok.... I did watch the Chili Relleno's and flipped them and pressed them down as she mixed the Mexican style pasta. My other sister and our mom got the grilled corn ready and my brother in law grilled the carne asada and the corn when it came dad watched the game. Which he totally deserved to do after all the work he did around my house the previous day! If I blogged the WHOLE meal you would reading until tomorrow morning. So I'm going to do it it in pieces. Today is Chili Relleno day!!

This recipe comes courtesy from House of Jaramillo's next door neighbour!

What you need:

6 Anaheim Chilis

Guajaca Cheese (if not available, can use any kind of cheese)

6 eggs, separated...keep both the yolk and the white

2 cups flour

2 tsp Chili Powder

2 tsp Cumin

1 tsp Salt and 2 tsp Pepper

Pre heat your oven to ‘Broil’. As it heats, clean the chili’s but make sure they are dry when you put them into the oven. Place chili’s on a cookie sheet and put in the oven. The chili will darken and the skin will pull back. Flip the chili once while in the oven. Let the chili’s cool before you work with them just so you don’t burn your fingers!

Note….you can do this OR if you want to, you can cheat and buy them pre-roasted from the store. YUM!!!

Mix the flour, salt and pepper, chili powder and cumin. Place the mixture in something that will allow you to dredge the chilies.
Whisk the egg whites until they are stiff and fluffy. Then gently fold in the eggs yolks.

Slit the chilies open on one side and place the cheese inside. Place one side of the slit inside and gently pull the other side over. Then dredge the chili through the DRY mixture first. Then through the egg mixture.

This is House of Jaramillo pulling each chili through the egg mixture..... isn't she doing a good job!??!

Look how delicious that chili looks!!

Place the chili on a preheated, lightly greased griddle. As the chili cooks, lightly press on it. Traditionally, a rellano is fried but the griddle option is much healthy. Once its all cooked, slide it off the griddle and enjoy!!

At first, they will look a little iffy. You might even find yourself wondering if you can pull the cheese out and eat it. But if you trust in the wonder of the grill and you just let it be (patience grasshopper!) You will watch in amazement as the chili puffs up, goldens up and melts inside.

Ok cant see it melt but trust me....its there and it's yummy!!

Next up?? Grilled Corn!!!

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