Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Yay!! Happy New Year!

This past year has gone by so quickly! Its been a busy year with many changes and new experiences. I made several resolutions in that half assed manner that people usually do,
like promising to lose weight, be more fiscally responsible, stop procrastinating...etc. All those well intentioned personal goals that I seem to make every year.

But this morning I woke up, went shopping, didn't do the homework that's due on Monday and chose to go to dinner with friends instead. And you know what? It was a super awesome fun day. One goal that I will for sure, no matter what, start doing? I will blog more and I will finish the book that my sister and I are writing.

So, to sum up ... this year I will

Write More

Whew....that's going to be soo hard. How ever will I do that?
(hee hee)

The one big thing that I will do?
I will be more open to new experiences! I really will! Life is so fast and concentrating on the future sooo much keeps me from enjoying the present.
So, I'm going to enjoy the present right now by drinking this lovely glass of wine and digging into a homemade peanut butter and jelly chocolate cup.
Tomorrow, I'll blog the recipe.

Good night friends and welcome to 2011!

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